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Soiling Measurement Kit

Quantify the site-specific impacts of soiling on prospective and current PV projects with NRG's Soiling Measurement Kit.

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Soiling Measurement Kit | 15 Watt PV Panels


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NRG’s Soiling Measurement Kit provides users with the information needed to quantify the site-specific impacts of soiling caused by snow, dust, and other particles on prospective and current PV projects. These data are used to improve pre-construction annual energy production (AEP) estimates as well as maintenance schedules (i.e., panel washing) and forecast models in the post-construction setting.

The Soiling Measurement Kit interfaces with the SymphoniePRO Data Logger. In order to accommodate the output signals, your data logger must be equipped with the PRO Signal Conditioning Module or four (4) P-SCM cards (P-SCM #9132).

• Determine site-specific soiling loss characteristics with this turnkey soiling measurement solution.
• Install easily as an accessory to NRG’s SRA System – complete with PV modules, pre-installed back-of-module temperature sensors, flexible mounting hardware, and integrated soiling interface module.
• Measure short circuit current and back-of-module temperature with user’s choice of statistical interval as well as optional 1 Hz sample data collection for flexible analysis options to meet data demands.

  • Three (3) 15W PV panels (data logger power, dirty panel, clean panel)
  • Two (2) back-of-module temperature sensors
  • One (1) interface module (in shelter box)
  • Related mounting and wiring components
  Soiling Measurement Kit | 15 Watt PV Panels (#10690)
Sensor type Soiling Measurement Kit |15 Watt PV Panels
Applications Soiling Loss Measurement
Sensor range Soiling Ratio (*) Accuracy < 1%
( for Isc values>0.5 Amp including back of panel temperature error)
(*) Soiling ratio is calculated from measurement of short circuit current (Isc) of both a clean reference solar panel and uncleaned test solar panel, including back of panel temperature compensation
Instrument compatibility RNRG Solar Resource Assessment System using SymphoniePRO Data Logger
Measurement range Recommended Panel Isc Measurement Range for Soiling Ratio Calculation: 0.50 Amp to 1.5 Amp
Output signal  
Signal type Analog voltage
Power requirements  
Supply voltage Soiling station interface module: 5-15 Vdc
Supply current Soiling station interface module and the amplifier power for the Isc measurement:Max 2.5mA
  • Panels: Rail mounting with angle
  • Interface Module: DIN rail mount
  • Solar panel current measurement and back of panel temperature are connected via a 5 terminal screw connector on the interface module
  • The connections to the logger from the interface module are via a 6 terminal screw connector
Operating temperature range
  • PCB Temperature: -40C to +65C
  • Temp Probe and adhesion Temperature: -40C to +85C
Operating humidity range 0 to 100%
Corrosion resistant
UV resistant
Other IP Rating
  • Interface module: IP55 when installed in a standard Symphonie Shelter Box | FRP
EN 61000-4-2 ESD
Packaging meets ISTA-1A 2014 Shock Drop Test

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