SymphoniePLUS®3 Logger with (1) SD Card and Accessories

The SymphoniePLUS®3 data logger is the core of Renewable NRG Systems’ complete system approach to wind measurement. Engineered to work seamlessly with our towers and sensors, SymphoniePLUS3 reliably collects and safely stores data in all weather conditions.

The innovative design of SymphoniePLUS3 allows you to log time-stamped data from up to 15 sensors. Six counter anemometer channels and two analog wind direction channels are built-in, while three “flex” channels and the remaining four analog channels allow for numerous sensor configuration options depending on the requirements of your particular wind measurement study.

Data is sampled every second, averaged and time-stamped every 10 minutes, and stored on a 128MB SD Card. Each SD Card is capable of storing 672 files of SymphoniePLUS3 data. A real-time display and keypad are built into the logger to facilitate site visits.


Universal Anemometer Compatibility
Six counter channels: Customizable Channels
Three “flex” channels:
  • Can be used as either analog or counter sensor inputs
  • Configure automatically based on Signal Conditioning Modules (SCM) installed
  • Allow for numerous sensor configuration options
Streamlined Data Collection
Advanced data logging:
  • Features one-second sampling (conforms to IEC 61400-12-1)
  • Averages data over a 10-minute period
  • Writes data to an SD Card on an hourly basis
  • Includes Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR) software

Password Protected Access
Unauthorized user lockout prevents access to logger via the keypad.

Automated Data Transfer
SymphoniePLUS3 interfaces with your choice of Symphonie iPackGPS communication modules, which transfer data via a third-party satellite or cellular service. When SymphoniePLUS3 is deployed with an iPackGPS, site visits to retrieve SD Card data become unnecessary; the data is automatically transferred to your assigned Internet Service Provider (ISP) via email. All iPacks are designed to be "plug and play,” requiring only minimal hardware configuration.

Note: Choosing a BP-20 or RH-5X SCM for a barometric pressure sensor or relative humidity sensor requires a Symphonie iPackGPS to provide the necessary 12V source. For sites where remote communication is not needed, use a Symphonie iPack for PV Only.

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