Symphonie Memory Card Reader

The Symphonie Memory Card Reader allows you to easily download data files from Symphonie® series data loggers to your PC via the data logger’s MMC card (Symphonie, SymphoniePLUS®) or SD card (SymphoniePLUS®3).

This USB device works with Windows operating systems to view and copy data files stored on MMC or SD cards. The unit is powered through the USB port and does not require batteries. A USB 2.0 A-Type cable adapter (male-to-female)—used to extend the reader from your PC—is also included.

Symphonie Data File Processing:

After the data files are copied to your PC with the Symphonie Memory Card Reader, our Symphonie Data Retriever (“SDR”) software can process the data by importing it into a self-contained Microsoft Access compatible database. Data can be exported in 10 or 60 minute tab delimited ASCII or WAsP format for any time range. 

Comprehensive Wind Rose, Frequency Distribution and Summary reports can be generated for any time range. Monthly hourly averages graphs and tables can also be generated.

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